Phone Support Terms and Conditions

As of Jan 1, 2018

Standard Support Hours

Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM

To be used for all manner of support questions, functional questions, system changes, testing, error messages, updates, etc.

Emergency Support Hours

7 Days a week / 24 Hours


To be used for emergencies only. Including but not limited to the inability to process a transaction or payment method.

Phone Support Includes

Phone Support Does Not Include

  • Software bugs

  • Printer error troubleshooting

  • Hardware failure (remote setup and troubleshooting covered, not part repair)

  • Report problems or questions

  • Error messages

  • Functional Support

  • System consultation or changes to workflow

  • On-Site Training (resources provided online free)

  • Custom Report Writing

  • Non-POS Related hardware failure

  • Any type of custom interface development

  • Data Maintenance

  • On-Site Work of any type

General Terms

  • Support is to be used for system related questions ONLY. The SSI Support team will not troubleshoot issues that are not directly related to the performance of your SSI supplied software or hardware.

  • If your call is not answered immediately, please leave a detailed message with any pertinent contact information that our technician may need in order to contact you. It is our goal to respond to every issue within the first 30 minutes of notice, however we may be supporting other customers when you call.

  • We do not express any other warranty on hardware other than the manufacturer provided warranty, or extended warranty that you may have purchased. We will work with you in the event of a hardware failure to make a claim for service.

  • Your technician may request remote access to your system. We will never access your system without your knowledge. In order to remotely access your system, internet will be necessary.

  • Non-Payment of a subscription bill that is (15) days overdue will result in a suspension of service. Our technicians will not field phone calls if there are outstanding invoices.

  • On-Site work is billable by the hour for time, materials, and mileage.

  • SSI Staff will not provide greater security access to any employee not known to be an owner of the establishment. This means if a manager calls for help with something, we will direct them on how to do it. If they do not have the security clearance they will have to get access by someone else who has access before proceeding.

Service Rates

The following rates are applicable for services not covered under a phone support agreement

  • Network Wiring - $125/ New Drop

    • Minimum $250

  • Remote Data Maintenance - $90/ Hour  

    • Data entry

    • Menu Changes

    • Employee Setup

  • Call Out for Service - $125/ Hour

    • One Hour Minimum, starts from dispatch time / ends at customer site departure time.

    • Service Hours are M-F 8-5 CST. After Hours add $200 flat fee uplift above regular rate.

    • Mileage billed at $.54/mile over 30 miles from SSI office

  • Loaner Equipment - $10/ Day

    • Applies for each day the equipment is out of the SSI office (first day and last day are charged).

To start a case, follow the link,

or call 225-769-5757