IBMi Experience For Any Application

We design, build, maintain, and expand systems for any function.

SSI can design, create, modify, and implement tailor-made applications for your organization.

Our efforts range from legacy to web languages. The IBM  i has great flexibility to run the many variations of RPG as well as JSON, PHP, Ajax, and more. This flexibility enables the system to wear many hats with ease.

  • RPG development, mods, applications

  • DB2 interface to other databases

  • API creation and usage

  • XML across external systems

  • Web shopping carts, customer portals, internal gateways

  • No licensing or periodic fees on any mods

New ERP System?

Considering your first system or replacement of what you have now? We will assist in conducting interviews, gathering features, and much more to generate what is needed. We can also be your advocate with the vendor.

Modifications / Enhancements

Cumbersome processes will waste time, frustrate staff, and get everyone upset. Streamlining is in our genes and one of our greatest tools we possess! Let us breathe new life with a straighter line in your processes.

New Applications

Do you need additional functions and off the shelf choices have features than you won't use? Do you need something very unique that you can't find? We will evaluate what's needed and jointly prepare a design. 

Curious about what you see here? Have questions you haven't asked?

Drop us a line or call to set up a free review to help solve your problems.

Our Experience Includes

    Shopping Carts

    Stand-alone or fully ERP integrated carts built specifically for your customer base with familiar flexible features.

    PCI 3.0 Credit Card Implementation

    Have you migrated over to full PCI compliance for both in house and/or web sales? We have a proven option for you.


    Experienced in the creation of customer, vendor, and sales manager portals with existing application integration

    Retail Integration

    If you have counter sales, we can easily enable bar code usage with printers, scanners, and cash drawers.

    RF Warehouse

    Paperless stocking, replenishment, back orders, and picking with user activity metrics in real time.

    Mobile Access

    Your clients, salesmen, and route personnel can all enter orders, lookup stock, and review status on everything on their phone!

    Order approval system

    ERP Integrated systems for management approval of subordinate ordering

    Food Service Full Circle

    The process: advance menu planning, recipe ingredients, serving requirements, in stock vs. to order items, PO placement, receiving, recipe preparation and guidelines, cooking, serving, location inventory, and so much more.

    Vendor Product Data Integration

    Managing data from vendors into your ERP system including image, size, weight, cube, UPC code, cost, retail price, etc.

    Wholesale Distribution

    Are you selling to retail stores to supply their customers? We help manage stock, buy right, all while handling the financials.


    If you work with hard or soft goods, kits, bill of materials, or prepare food for thousands, we can definitely take it through.

    Email, Fax, PDF

    We have options to do each of these or all three. Let's see what works best for you.

      We love the process of learning your business.

      Whether you require a program changed to fit your unique process or an entirely new application, we can design with you to provide the best result. Our passion is listening to client's ideas, thinking through processes, and coming up with fresh streamlined options. Most importantly, we keep it simple.