Among the many reason's to choose Odoo for your business, maybe the best one is the ability to customize it for your specific needs.

Examples of Our Work:

Apps Customized: Sales


The customer provided SSI with specific calculations required based on the product categories. The process of collecting this information and disbursing payment to sales reps was nearly a full time job.


  • SSI created a sales report that instantly provided the accounting staff with the relevant commission data for each sales rep by period.

  • No further excel work or additional hours are required.

Apps Customized: Equipment + Subscriptions


Our customer stores industrial equipment for their customers in multiple warehouses that require monthly maintenance requests and monitoring. Should the customer experience a failure of in-service equipment they will request expedited delivery of their equipment from the storage facility. On a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis each storage customer needs to be invoiced on a square footage basis for the equipment held in storage.


  • SSI created a link between the base Odoo equipment module and the subscription module.

  • Within the equipment module users can place equipment in and out of storage and note the rate, square footage, and effective dates for billing purposes.

  • Each month Odoo generates maintenance requests so the staff inspects and verifies the location of the equipment.

  • The subscription module evaluates the in / out dates of the equipment and automates billing details for the customer.

Apps Customized: Custom Payment Acquirer


Our customer had a requirement to process with a payment acquirer not already integrated with Odoo.


  • Created a new Payment Acquirer module to meet the customer needs. 

Apps Customized: Website, E-Commerce


The customer has a large volume of repeat buyers on their website who know exactly what they want to order based on known product numbers.


  • SSI created an enhancement to the Odoo e-commerce platform that allows a shopper to drop down a tile on the homepage and quickly add items by part number directly to their cart.

  • The user does not have to navigate through any search boxes, categories, or pages product pages to enter an order.

Apps Customized: Website, E-Commerce


The customer has e-commerce users that require approval by their supervisors before purchases can be processed on their website. Purchases are placed by PO.


  • SSI created an enhancement to the Odoo e-commerce platform that allows a shopper to save a cart and submit it to their manager to approve the purchase amount.

  • The manager is provided a list of carts for their users and can process them upon approval.

Apps Customized: Manufacturing, Jobs (custom)


The customer manages roughly 100 unique jobs each month. The jobs are managed through a series of work orders and manufacturing orders within the Odoo manufacturing module. 


  • SSI integrated the time keeping of the jobs with the Odoo kiosk. Time entries are captured daily and WIP entries are created for labor costing.

  • Material can be consumed on sale orders and enter the WIP of the job.
  • Maintenance requests can process logistic moves for the job module.

Apps Customized: Odoo API, Custom Module


The customer has data about their jobs held in other, specialized databases. Portions of that data need to be made available in real-time to the users in Odoo.


  • SSI created an API hook to pass data back and forth upon pre-defined triggers in each system. 

  • All data is real-time between each system and available from both sides of the transaction.

Apps Customized: Sales, Purchases


Our customer runs a make to order manufacturing operation. Depending on the specific job requirements the staff will have to order one time use products specifically for a job. The costs need to be meticulously tracked and flow through proper FIFO accounting standards as well as enter a WIP account upon use in the shop.


  • SSI enhanced the default Odoo product configuratior to allow for the creation of one time use products. 

  • Users are given a list of product templates from which to copy
  • From within the sale order, users can define key product identifiers, sale price, vendor cost, vendor to buy from, and the product category.
  • Products created are archived periodically per the customer's requirement that they be only "temporary" products.

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