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We have built commission modules for multiple industries, with highly custom requirements.

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Never the Same

If there is one thing we know, it's that your commission module is likely not "simple". We have built many different modules for commission ranging from top line revenue calculations all the way to gross margin with complex deposit and clawback provisions. Every customer brings us different requirements for commission calculations, frequency, reporting, and approval. 

We take pride in digging into this mission critical function to save you time. If you are a user of Odoo who wishes to automate commissions, or would like to include it in your ERP implementation feel comfortable that we can solve this headache for you. Your accounting staff will reduce the time they spend calculating and processing commissions, and your sales staff will have the exact visibility that you desire into their earnings.

Our Experience Includes

Top Line x Rate

The most simple commission programs are built on multiplying top line revenue amounts for qualifying products (excluding freight, etc.) times a specific rate for the salesperson.

Gross Margin

If your commission module is based on the gross margin of the invoice or project we can help to build more complex commission schedules with the ability to claw back previously paid commissions if goals are not met for margin.

Custom Permissions

Commissions are typically a sensitive topic in most sales organizations. SSI has experience building complex permission modules (Odoo record rules) that allow the right person to see the data that they need and nothing more. 

Website Portal

If your sales team are external to your company, we can give them visibility through the Odoo portal to view their commission records and status of their vendor bills. In many instances we have found that commissions need to be paid to partners who are not "internal users" to Odoo and do not have their own login.

Commission Remittance

Leverage our experience for one click remittance of commissions earned through the fully integrated accounting module. 

General Ledger Accruals

Some customers choose to accrue their commissions on the general Ledger in the month that they are earned. This helps to time the commission expense with the income expense. SSI has built multiple custom Odoo modules to handle this process efficiently.