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We have built Job Management solutions for made to order manufacturing and construction.

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Job Management in Odoo

The concepts of managing a Job Shop in Odoo are not well defined. The software has all of the tools to manage jobs at an enterprise level with complete integration between accounting, inventory, manufacturing, and purchasing. The trick to running a job shop in Odoo is finding a partner with experience to bring all of the various components into your job cost calculations.

Systems Services has built job management solutions for industrial motor shops and construction management firms. The first step to implementing job concepts in Odoo is to have a long talk with your accounting team. We build all job solutions around the accounting outcomes that need to be reported. 

Don't let anyone start your job shop implementation by asking about your order flow. To be successful, job shop success has to start with the General Ledger.

Our Experience Includes

Job Cost Reporting

We have deployed several different custom reports and modules in order to bring job cost reporting to companies who require it. Built on the back of the Odoo Analytic Accounting Module, we sequence automate, and default the right fields to bring together the total picture for a job based business.

Purchase to Invoice

One of the most important pieces of our job shop solution is to give deep visibility to the purchase of materials for the purposes of a job, from purchase, to delivery, to invoicing. 

Custom Requirements

Often, the nature of a job shop is that no two jobs are exactly the same. We've extended modules like Equipment, Maintenance, and Manufacturing to include the capturing of custom requirements for each job created.


If your job cost solution requires the storing of balance sheet values during processing, we are here to help. We have deployed multiple different WIP models.

Standard Labor Costing

A standard labor costing module will typically build a WIP balance based on "expected" duration of labor activities either using the Odoo manufacturing or timesheets module. 

Hourly Labor Costing

We have built solutions that value approved timesheet data in manufacturing or in the projects module to cost and build a WIP balance for ongoing jobs.

Material WIP

Material purchased for jobs can directly debit your WIP account upon receipt, and the totals will credit upon the final invoice of the job. 

Equipment Management

If your job shop stores, repairs, or handles equipment you may want to track that equipment by customer, serial number, dimensions, model numbers, etc. 

Company Assets

Many job shops have specialized machinery that they need to maintain and monitor to ensure that they do not have downtime. SSI has experience building Preventative Maintenance processes in Odoo. 

Customer Equipment

We have experience building storage and equipment maintenance processes for multi-location companies.

Job Scheduling

We have helped our clients implement scheduling concepts in Odoo in both the Projects and Manufacturing apps to keep their jobs on schedule.

Direct Job Buy

Our job shop customers have the ability to purchase both Material and Labor to the jobs which can speed up the Purchase Order process for Sub-Contract labor or services (ex. Hot Shot Driver).

Initial PO

One component of most job shops that we have worked with is the need to issue an RFQ (Draft PO) before the Sale Order is confirmed. We have enabled this workflow by modifying Odoo's procurement process to link the Sale Order line to the Purchase Order line even before the order is confirmed. This functionality allows your sales team to build a full project quote with acknowledgements and timelines in hand from the required vendors for the job.