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Expense Report Management

We have found that a large amount of businesses today just expect to use disconnected systems. One of the hidden gem apps in Odoo that we like to implement with every project is the Expenses App. This application allows you to manage employees expense reports whether on a company credit card or to be reimbursed.

Our Experience Includes

Company Paid

We have a lot of customers who have company credit cards for their employees. We can help you to implement the expenses application in a way that keeps your balance sheet in sync with your credit card statement.

Re-Invoiced Expenses

If your organization needs to record expenses that are ultimately invoiced to your customers, we have experience in the management of those processes.

Payroll Reimbursement

Some companies reimburse employees for expense reports on their pay-stubs. We can help you to automate that process and save hours of manual work for your payroll employees.

Secondary Approver

Expense reporting can be simple or complex. If you have certain expenses that require more than one level of approval we have a solution for you.