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Enterprise Inventory Management

Founded over 40 years ago, SSI has extensive experience with inventory management in both wholesale and retail applications. Applying decades of experience with Odoo's robust inventory functionality is our specialty. We want to work together to optimize your inventory operations.

Our Experience Includes

Multi Warehouse

Whether your warehouses are independent, or rely on each other to re-supply, we have the experience to configure Odoo for best results.

Non-Stock Products

For businesses that routinely need to order "one-time" or non-stock products we have extensive experience in Odoo on best practices and impact to your accounting operations.

Thousands of Locations

Odoo's inventory, like Accounting provides a double entry of every transaction. This gives the user an extreme amount of traceability. Our team can help you to make the most out of this functionality. 

Picking Strategies

SSI has worked with customers using several different picking strategies including wave, batch, linear. 

Inventory Accounting

If you are using the Odoo inventory app, the configuration of your product categories and balance sheet accounts is a critical component to your success. We understand the complexity and we will help you to be successful.

Replenishment Strategies

Whether your business replenishes stock by purchasing, manufacturing, manage Just In Time inventory levels we have the experience to help. We have worked with customers to avoid stock-out and over-stock scenarios.

Lot / Serial Number Tracking

Whether you are manufacturing products to track by lot or serial numbers or you just need to store components we have the experience to help. We understand the importance of accuracy and how to provide this information to your customer in invoices or pick tickets.

Units of Measure

Odoo supports multiple unit of measures and converts automatically for you: buy per tons and sell in lb. SSI has worked with customers in industries that buy wire by the lb and use it by the foot. These sorts of configurations can be complicated but we can help.