IT03: Shopping With Peers

Ask your peers for help, and check references.

Step 3: Does A Prince Exist Now?

When shopping for a service provider, It’s a good idea to check with your peers! I hope you can at least find 3 firms that are close to what your profile is.

Contact your peers and ask who they use then gather the following details about their experience:

  1. Would they use them again?

  2. How is their physical appearance?

  3. Were there any surprises since using them?

  4. If there was an emergency, was it handled to your satisfaction?

  5. Was the firm responsive in the time of need?

  6. What’s the best thing they did for you?

  7. Did the firm fall on their sword?

  8. Are the peers raving fans or just “OK” with their choice?

  9. Have you noticed any weaknesses in staff, knowledge, or ability?

  10. Is their fee structure fair and justified?

Next Step: IT Support Shopping At 50,000 Feet

This paper is one of a series created to help educate and support IT and other decisions for businesses for over 40 years. 

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IT03: Shopping With Peers
Cletus Robinson September 16, 2020
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IT01: Guide to Selecting IT Support
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