IT06: Support Implementation

Tips for the first few months

Step 6: The Dance

Here are some tips to get the most from the support firm you have hired.

Workspace: They will need at least a desk and chair to call home. If available, sometimes an empty office or Conference Room can be perfect.

Wired network connection: A must so they have access to the gear.

Follow their request standards: Frequently firms have software to enter a work ticket so they have the targets to go after. I would suggest that these are not entered by any user, but funneled to someone that screens the requests in case it’s just an “Operator Head Space” issue. I strongly suggest you put the user’s name first in the request. Sometimes these can be handled remotely without being onsite.

Greet them when they arrive: You should be aware of their presence and what tasks they are going after with the assigned priority. If they are working by the hour, get an approximate time frame. Sometimes we’ve had clients write down the time we arrived and also when we left to cross-check the invoice when it comes to their desk. This also enables timely payment and acknowledgment that things are going well. If there is a discrepancy, write up the status and discuss with them quickly.

Recap with the tech before they leave: This will give you insight as to how things went today. Speaking in terms above your head may happen. If so, ask them to explain or grab one of your staff to hear the comments. If the same situation is frequent, it may be a device issue or chronic “Operator Head Space”.

Sometimes, the techs become part of the woodwork and there’s pros and cons to that. They are someone else’s hire, not yours.

You might appreciate a 3 or 6 month review, especially if they have been busy.

This paper is one of a series created to help educate and support IT and other decisions for businesses for over 40 years. 

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IT06: Support Implementation
Cletus Robinson September 28, 2020
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