Don't Put up with Online Stocking Errors

Why an integrated platform is a must.
This might be time to start looking for new business software

It was decided to get a website so your customers could order whenever they wanted. In doing that, you were late to the game- your competitors did it 3 years ago. Somebody said they could get it up fast and you jumped at it. Over a period of several months, they put you on a hosted shopping cart system that had a lot of nice features. It was kept current by an upload from your in house system.

That seemed like a good idea, however, you had three problems:

1. New items had to be manually added

2. Your in house system has accuracy issues

3. The website has to be manually updated every day. Now it’s been 7 months later and your clients can’t rely on what they see.

Morale is low, the employees are losing face, and the competitors are eating your lunch.

It’s time to look at a totally integrated system that is accurate and has a shopping cart that is totally connected to inventory always. It’s a part of the software, not external. 

My company understands this and so much more. With over 40 years of experience, we take time to understand your unique methods and tailor them to new flexible software. Our team will sew the fabric to fit your specialties just right.

We can open your eyes to manage many of your ills. It’s secure, has annual updates, no server is needed, totally integrated, and just about any device can access it whenever they choose.

Our process is to have a discovery meeting first to find the pains you need curing. Shortly afterward, we will set up a software overview to showcase how we can close the wounds you currently have. Following that, if there are any other things to go over, we will do more detailed dives into the thorniest issues. With education along the way, we will take you by the hand to new and better ways to get things done.

Don't Put up with Online Stocking Errors
Cletus Robinson June 23, 2020
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