State Agency Portal

Project Components

S2k/ Joomla
PHP/ HTML/ CSS/ Java Script/ AJAX


Order Management / Business Process Engineering


Our customer is a State agency tasked with printing, storing, and shipping Children and Family Services forms to 159 county offices. The agency prints over 150 different types of forms in three different languages to distribute all over the State. Having already deployed S2k, it became apparent that the workload required to service this primary account required a custom solution. Not only did the forms need to be inventoried and shipped to each county, orders needed to be approved by the Agency Management to keep each county within their prescribed budgets.


SSI built a real-time integrated solution to ease this process and provide the tools required to manage the workflow. The solution was built as a Joomla plugin which already provided the user management tools required for each county to be able to login and place orders themselves. The most critical component was order previewing and approval before submission by Administrative staff. Costly errors in ordering and shipping had to be eliminated via this process.


  • Forms Grid Layout with Full Pictures in modal

  • Real-Time QOH of each form as per S2k database

  • Cart Functions - Add to cart / Remove from cart / Submit cart / Re-Order from History

  • Forms List - Displays list of all forms and QOH for quick viewing by staff

  • Approval Process - Managed by administrator, each counties order must be viewed and approved monthly before shipment. Allows for approval options (revise / reject / approve)

  • Order History - Includes item detail, ordered by information, date, shipment date, ship to information, etc.

  • Re-Order Functionality - Allows for users to quickly re-order forms from a previous order.

  • Invoice History - Invoice Detail between State Agencies.

  • User Management - Allows for control of county user privileges.

State Agency Portal
Kyle Robinson May 7, 2018
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